Sunday, March 2, 2014

SOLC 2014 Day Two: Leaving a trail of smiles

Yesterday I volunteered at our district's annual Celebration of Families. I had never attended the event before, for various uninteresting reasons. But there was an all-call for help from the district librarian, and I've been feeling a deficit in my "acts of service bank", so I decided to sign up.

The first two hours spent at the registration table were filled with small talk with fellow volunteers (a high school junior and an assistant principal); we only registered a whopping three people.  The second two hours I facilitated (hosted) a presenter, dealing with the sign-in sheets, evaluation forms, material distribution--for three attendees.  All in all, it was a pretty tame volunteer gig.

It was an unexpected upside to the event that really made my day.  This is my fifteenth year in this district, and I guess you could say I've "been around".  I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people in the three career paths I've traveled in those fifteen years, and quite a few of them were there yesterday.  Principals, a supervisor, a tech support specialist, parent support specialists, a counselor--all blasts from my past.  And they were all happy to see me!  I got hugs and handshakes and compliments.  By the time I left the event, I was glowing with positive vibes.

Who needs a certificate on the wall proclaiming a job well done...I've left a trail of smiles, and that is enough for me. 


  1. So very true! You and your trail of smiles are fortunate indeed! That's enough for us all!

    1. Thanks, Rissa, glad you feel the same!