Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SOLC 2014 Day Twelve: Whether the weather

The wind woke me up before the alarm this morning.  We knew it was coming, this cold front that dropped temps thirty degrees in the past twelve hours.  I checked the window just to be sure, sliding my hand beneath the curtain to feel the glass.  Yep, it was cold.

Yesterday, the bold sunshine and blue skies called to the four spring-breakers in the house to head outside.  We explored a county park's hiking trail.  Forty-five minutes and two miles later, we were glistening with sweat and eager to get to Sonic to cool us down.   

Chocolate milkshakes to hot cocoa in a day--Mother Nature's mood swings seem to be the norm in Central Texas this year.  Whether I let the weather changes bother this mother or not, that is the question. 


  1. Same for East Texas right now! Funny---I bought more hot cocoa today in preparation for the cold temps tonight. Heading to Austin tomorrow----so much for bluebonnet pics, eh?

    1. It was bright and sunny, and warmed up somewhat...but the wind is something else!