Sunday, January 29, 2012

One more book read, now back to the textbooks

LeviathanYes, I did manage to complete a book before my final semester of Library Science studies took over:  Leviathan, by Scott Westerfield.
It was my first steampunk novel, too!  For those of you not familiar with this genre/trend, it's a mix of historical fiction and sci-fi.  This book is set at the beginning of World War I, and features the same key players and countries.  One of the main characters is the son of the Austrian duke and duchess whose murders touched off this epic event.  The sci-fi comes from the inclusion of Clanker vehicles and war machines from the Eastern European countries, and strange beasts formed from recombined DNA assisting the Darwinist West.  I am not a history buff, nor a historical fiction fan, but this was a fun and easy read for me...I may even move on to the next installment of the series!  But not before I dive back into the textbooks and the book for SHSU's Goodreads book club, Cinder by Marissa Meyer.  I downloaded it onto my nookColor--I need to be using my "toys" more often to read!
Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles

An update on my progress towards becoming a librarian:  I am in my final semester, which means internship time!  I've already spent several hours working in both my elementary and the neighborhood high school's library as well, and I'm thoroughly enjoying every minute.  I can't wait to get behind my own circulation desk and among the stacks, booktalking to students and sharing my love of reading!  My hope is that by this time next year, there will be a link to this blog from my very own library webpage.