Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SOLC 2014 Day Eleven: My quiet morning ritual

My mornings are insulated with an hour of quiet

The only sounds
that punctuate the pre-dawn stillness
hissing of water boiling
clanking of silverware and dishes
as I unload the dishwasher

And then the tap-tap-tapping of the keyboard
connecting with the world
(quite literally, as friends reside
                                                         in multiple time zones and countries)

                                                 I have become my godmother-aunt
                                                 who didn't speak until after her first cup

                                                 A fulfillment of the prophecy
                                                 remembered from a Meyers-Briggs workshop long ago
                                                 that we tend to flip those letters at midlife
                                                 ESFJ becoming INTP

                                                 First cup down, sun up
                                                 time to find my voice.



  1. I particularly like the end couplet here.
    going to have to do a little follow up research on this one- Meyer Briggs and "ESFJ becoming INTP"-

    1. Thank you, Chris! Inspired by the quiet this dark morning. Still adjusting to the time change. Enjoy your research--I believe you can take the Meyers-Briggs online now...

  2. Great post. Sounds like mornings at my house.

  3. Mmmmmmm - I just loved this post. I wish I had that hour of quiet. But it would require getting up at 5:00 am - and I am NOT a morning person. However - your hour sounds so nice - I may have to adjust. Thank you.

    1. Julie, I have learned that the early alarm is so worth the hour of peace! But it does make for early evening yawning, too. ;-)