Monday, March 24, 2014

SOLC 2014 Day Twenty-four: Professional introspection...with a looming deadline

Due date:  April 7th.  The blank self-assessment for professional evaluation sits on my desk.  The multisyllabic domains sound daunting, and I realize that this will not be a do-it-in-five-minutes task.  

How do I rate myself after the very first year on the job and on this campus?  I know so much more than I did eight months ago, and yet there is still so much to learn.  I know where I have failed, and I have plans to remediate those weaknesses.  I have faced hurdles both real and imaginary, and climbed them, for better or for worse.  I've asked for input from the staff, and received favorable comments and valid suggestions for improvement.  I am still coming to work with a heartfelt smile on my face, and I've already begun thinking of next year's program.  

But how do I fit that tidily into the ten domains I've been given?  Guess I'll be sorting that out this week.    


  1. Don't sell yourself short. State what you have accomplished, Be proud of what you have accomplished. Show what you would like to accomplish in the future.
    Mission - Duties - Objectives - Forward thinking. If you feel you have shortcomings don't use that terminology. State you need to devote more time to the subject, etc. An Army story - I had only a bit more than 1 year in grade as a Sergeant First Class when my next evaluation was due. The Captain said he wanted to check the block "Promote Immediately". I told him I didn't feel that was right because of the limited time I had in my current grade. Him not checking that block cost me at least 3 extra years in my current grade. So be careful what and how you say something. I know you will do it right. Love Ya, Dad

    1. It's not so much what to's having to do it in the form we're given. Thanks for the pep talk, Dad!