Wednesday, May 23, 2018

It's Wednesday! What's happening in the Sommer Library?

Ms Margocs is on the move with summer reading lessons!  She's going from classroom to classroom talking about the why, what, where, and how of summer reading.  The entire presentation can be found here .  

RRISD's Pop-Up Library schedule and other summer reading resources can also be found on that site page.  There will be twenty-seven pop-ups this summer! Most pop up at a park or event.  Books may be returned at another pop-up or to the library at the end of summer...but if you really like them, you can keep them or pass them on!
Ms Margocs is also handing out our Beach Blanket Bingo reading sheets, and has a homework assignment for her students.  They should ask their parents for a field trip downtown this summer to check out the new-ish Central Branch of the Austin Public Library.  It's an amazing place to visit!

It may be the end of this school year...but we are still receiving new books to start off the beginning of next year!  (Mrs. Fair has dibs on the two new Haddix books!)

It's the last Wednesday update for the 2017-2018 school year!  Discover what YOU like to read, and keep on reading to beat that summer slide!  See you in the library in August!

Monday, May 21, 2018

It's Monday! What are you reading?

I must be in the mood for magic, because I picked this book from my review pile this weekend, after finishing The Apprentice Witch last week.  Whereas Nicol's book is suited for middle grade, Ruth Chew's "Matter of Fact Magic" books are an engaging introduction to magical fantasy for end-of-first-grade through third grade.

The Would-Be Witch opens by introducing us to Robin and Andy, siblings who discover a homegoods store on their way to buy bread.  The cat from the store follows them home--but that's the least of their adventures.  Their mother gives them some silver polish to brighten up a pair of old salt shakers shaped like birds, and when they dab a bit of the polish on, the birds come to life!  When they return the cat to the store, Robin and Andy befriend the owner, Zelda.  They offer to help clean the store, and the magical polish makes task a bit more interesting!  Could this be just what Zelda, a would-be witch, needs?

Children who aren't quite ready for Harry Potter may enjoy this beginning chapter book.  Each chapter is three to seven pages long, interspersed with illustrations, and wraps up in 122 pages.

It's Monday, and I'm into magical reading these days!  Do you have a current reading theme? 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

It's Wednesday! What's happening in the Sommer Library?

Testing--that's what's been happening in the Sommer Library.  And books returning for summer!
These shelves have filled with more books since this picture was taken!

Tomorrow, Ms Margocs will start visiting classrooms to talk about the importance of summer reading and resources to beat the summer slide.  Our district is once again sponsoring the Beach Blanket Bingo reading challenge!

Students will receive a bingo card, as well as a copy of our online resources passwords and ebook login instructions.

Our Summer Reading Resources page is now live on the library website!  Find links to our district online resources, ebook reading apps, and area business summer reading programs.

All student and parent accounts must be clear before summer break begins!  As of yesterday, we still had 210 books out on student accounts.  The Book Witch will be visiting classrooms looking for missing books! Thanks for helping us bring our collection home for summer break.

Monday, May 14, 2018

It's Monday! What are you reading?

I spent most of Mother's Day doing one of my favorite things--lying on the couch and reading!  In the mood for a little magic, I took the time to finish The Apprentice Witch by James Nicol.

Arianwyn Gribble was an outsider at school, apprenticed to her grandmother since her mother's death.  She hopes to pass her evaluation by the Civil Witchcraft Authority and move on to help her country, but instead fails and is sent to a small village on the edge of a forest.  The town of Lull has not had a resident witch in decades, and Arianwyn must face more than just a mischievous sprite in a kitchen cupboard when dark spirits roam the woods.  The arrival of a bullying classmate only complicates matters, and puts everyone in danger.  Can Arianwyn rise above her self-doubt and save the village?

Fans of Harry Potter will enjoy this middle grade tale of a world where magic is real, moon hares can be tamed, and water spirits must be respected.

It's a good Monday for a magical book!  What are you reading this week?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

It's Wednesday! What's happening in the Sommer Library?

April was a busy month for the Sommer Library!

We wrap up the school year a bit earlier in the library, so we have time to complete our inventory and chase down overdue books (hint, hint!).

All student and parent books are due back to the library by this Friday!

Due dates may say Monday, May 14th, but we will have STAAR testing in the library on Monday--no parent or student visitors that day.  

Reminder--library is closed May 14th through 16th for STAAR testing!

Ms Margocs will begin drawing names for clear account prizes on Thursday, May 17th!  Five names will be drawn each day until the end of school.  If their accounts are clear, they can choose a prize in the library--books, posters, bubbles, and other fun summer items!  If a whole class has clear accounts, they earn an extra recess!

Why have we cleared our learning area?

We have a special guest coming tomorrow--Amy Lott, the Pearson Ranch Middle School librarian!  She will be chatting with our fifth graders about library offerings next year. 
(And have I mentioned how happy we are with our tables that move so easily and fit so nicely between our shelves?)

Congratulations to our readers who tackled all twenty of the Bluebonnet Award Nominees this school year!  Their book choices from next year's Bluebonnet list were delivered yesterday, just in time for summer reading.

Ms Margocs is wrapping up the last of the lessons in the library this week--read-alouds, internet safety, broadcast applications, and a Jeopardy game review--before closing down for STAAR testing.  Summer reading presentations are coming soon, to a classroom near you!

Monday, May 7, 2018

It's Monday! What are you reading?

I picked up this cute nonfiction gem from the review table at one of our monthly librarians' meetings:
The Truth About Bears: Seriously Funny Facts About Your Favorite Animals is one of a series of animal books by Maxwell Eaton III.  Talking bears--brown, polar, and black--narrate the book, adding facts and humor to the text.  We learn that koalas are not real bears, bears like to eat berries and animals, and that many are under threat due to disappearing habitats and food sources.  There are even helpful tips if one should come in contact with a bear (don't run or climb a tree!),  a fact file, and research resources for "cubs" and "full-sized bears".

I'll be weeding my nonfiction section this summer, and plan on getting Eaton's other animal fact books for our collection.  What nonfiction books do you like to read?

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

It's Wednesday! What's happening in the Sommer Library?

We are down to our final lessons and checkouts for the school year! This week, our kindergarteners and second graders are getting to choose between  nonfiction and fiction for their read-aloud in the Book Nook; so far, fiction is winning out.  We are talking about kindness and forgiveness with Horrible Bear! by Ame Dyckman:

First graders will get to choose their read-aloud next week!  Third graders are reviewing the basics of internet safety before exploring the world wide web this summer.  Fourth graders are hearing about fifth grade broadcast positions, and applying if they are interested.  Fifth graders are checking out their last round of books and playing Jeopardy to review their library skills and get ready for summer reading.

All books are due back to the library by Monday, May 14th!

Important library dates:

Thursday, May 3:  Overdue notices sent home
Friday, May 4:  Last day for student checkout
Monday, May 7:  Teachers who are changing grade levels or leaving Sommer may begin returning professional items and kits
Monday, May 14:  Library closed for STAAR testing
Tuesday, May 15:  Library closed for STAAR testing
Wednesday, May 16:  Library closed for STAAR testing
Thursday, May 17:  Summer reading lessons begin in classrooms
Tuesday, May 22:  The Book Witch goes in search of overdue books!