Monday, March 17, 2014

SOLC 2014 Day Seventeen: My favorite color

                                I wore it today
                                      so I wouldn't get pinched.

                                Twinset, earrings, bracelet, 
                                       shamrock on a top hat pin.

                                 I wear it every day
                                       a symbol of commitment.

                                One gemstone solitaire, surrounded by diamonds--
                                       my happiest St. Patrick's Day surprise.

                                And there's another
                                        to rest on the next finger.

                                Ten years marked by alternating stones.

Shades of green have been part of my life since birth.  

Army drab olive
Palm trees and lawns of California
Geckos in Thailand
Pines of Naples and Stuttgart
Girl Scout uniforms
Matching college dorm bedspreads
August birthstones, a granddaughter's inheritance
Ankles marked in ink with clover and triquetra
The afghan crocheted by my mother, just for me.

My Irish-American mother, who made sure we wore green on March seventeen
       so we wouldn't get pinched.

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