Friday, March 28, 2014

SOLC 2014 Day Twenty-eight: Snippets

Friendly hellos to my roommates--my wonderful assistant and instructional tech support.

Hastily written notes to cover in my five minutes onstage during Friday assembly.

"GOOD MORNING, READERS!" gets such a great response from 900 elementary students; I never tire of saying that!

Handing out aging, golden Shelf Elf garden gnomes to well-deserving classes.

Reading Plant a Little Seed by Bonnie Christensen five times today, trying to be just as engaging the fifth time as I was eighteen readings ago, on Monday.

Disappointed faces when I have to answer "It's already been checked out."  Happy faces when I find a just-as-good book.

A fire drill, interrupting read-aloud.

Working both sides of the circulation desk while my assistant was on lunch duty, ordering blank ID badge replacements at the front while investigating the overdue notifications of a student in the checkout line.

Reading three dozen emails, replying to a half dozen.

Gratitude for a reliable, weekly volunteer who graciously agreed to start inventory.

A dozen fourth- and fifth-graders with way too much energy for a Friday afternoon, brainstorming on how to organize a bookdrive to help another librarian's volunteer efforts.  

The quiet that followed their departure; time to roam the Everybody section for display books on spring.

Saying goodbye to my assistant for the weekend, both of us commenting on how happy we are to come back to work on Mondays.

Asking for signatures from some parent visitors for our "Declaration for the Right to School Libraries".

Shutting down a dozen computers, and packing up to leave, as my ITS reports on incoming hail.  Wishes for a fabulous weekend exchanged.  

Lights off.


  1. Ordering Plant a Little Seed.
    Love your dedication to this SOL project.
    Look forward to it everyday.
    Will miss it after Monday.
    Miss you much.

    1. Thank you, Ms. JoAnn! I will try to be better about posting a least every two or three weeks, when SOLC is done. It will, of course, start to veer more toward the book reading, but who knows...I may throw in a personal note now and then. :-) Miss you too!