Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SOLC Day 6: Technodetails

The word of the day is "details".  And I almost didn't get to blog today, because of the intricate, detailed workings of technology and the internet and electricity.

I'm not a technophobe, but I'm also not qualified to be on the Geek Squad.  I know tech as a user, explorer, teacher.  I know where the on buttons are, the difference between a CPU and a USB, software versus hardware.  But I do not know what to do when my computer says it IS connected to the internet, and attempts to connect via Chrome or Explorer yield blank tabs on my screen.  All the lights on my modem are green...well, the middle two are green and blinking, which according to my husband may mean that we've overloaded the wi-fi yet again and are on the verge of burning out the power supply.

Tech-savvy neighbors to the rescue, whew!  In the three hours between coming home and finally logging on, I grew painfully aware of how much I depend on connecting in cyberspace. I had this blog to write, and some business to conduct, both of which required internet use.  I almost panicked, afraid that I would break my writing streak and not get the information I needed (but could certainly have lived without for the next 24 hours).  

It's one thing to unplug on purpose; another thing entirely to have it unavailable without notice.  It was more than a little unnerving to realize my dependence on technology!  I'm thinking I need to unplug a bit more often...after the SOLC is over, of course.

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