Sunday, March 17, 2013

SOLC 2013 Day 17: Luck o' the Irish

Lucky us, Seamus visited the house last night!

Seamus is the leprechaun who visits each St. Patrick's Day, leaving behind gold (chocolate) coins for our children to discover.  We have a small decorative cauldron that he pulls out and labels with the number of coins to find.  This year, there were 64 coins left by the leprechaun; only 63 have been  accounted for.  

Maybe the Easter Bunny will find the missing coin.

We like St. Paddy's Day in our home.  My mother was full-blooded Irish, so there were always cards exchanged with her side of the family for the holiday.  My husband, knowing my love of the color green and this celebration, proposed to me on March 17th with an emerald and diamond ring.  And don't even try to pinch me; I have two green Irish tattoos, a four-leaf clover in honor of my mother, and a Celtic triquetra knot to celebrate my 39th birthday.  (Threes are big in my life; that's a post in itself.)

What it really boils down to is love of tradition, and tweaking traditions to fit our family.  My family celebrated the day with the wearing o' the green and cards; we added the leprechaun visit when our own children became ambulatory.

We are lucky to have these traditions, and lots of others surrounding holidays, bedtime, and daily demonstrations of  love. 

We are lucky to have each other.


  1. We wear the green, but that is the extent of our St. Paddy's celebrating. Although, I think next year I'll invite Seamus to visit and, fingers crossed, he'll accept.

    1. I hope Seamus does come and visit you! If you need any help with the process, just let me know. ;-)