Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SOLC 2013 Day 13: Counting the decades

It's my husband's fifty-first birthday today.  In his usual style, it's an understated celebration; he'll spend the day alone, probably going for a motorcycle ride and puttering around in shops along the way.  The rest of us will spend the day doing usual Spring Break stuff (meaning cleaning and crocheting for me, video games and time with friends for the teens).  We'll meet up this evening for dinner out, on me.

I just realized today that I've seen my husband through three "decade" birthdays--30, 40, and 50.  In a few years, he'll celebrate my 50th with me, and we'll be even.  I've now been with him for over half of my life, and lived in the same city during that time--both milestones in this Army Brat's history.  

I'm surrounded by couples with the same marriage longevity, but I know that it is still a miracle in the making, this partnership we have.  We've lived through job losses, two life-threatening births, deaths of parents and relatives, surgeries, job changes, and graduate school.  We're now dealing with having a child in college, half out of the nest, and another about to enter high school, just beginning to fly with difficulties of his own to overcome.

We've done this together.  Even when life was a whirlwind, and our relationship was a zillionth on the priority list (I know, it shouldn't have been, but it happens in real life)--our marriage was never in question.  

Our marriage is a given, but I never take my husband for granted.  Happy birthday, hubby.  Here's to many more milestones together.       


  1. What a great post Chris!! I've known Ron since I was 16 and we got married when I was 23. He just celebrated his 48th birthday (my 47th is right around the corner) - crazy how time flies!! I'd say marriage is like a roller coaster full of highs and lows, but somehow we've managed to stay together despite the 50% divorce rate. I definitely think you hit the nail on the head - "I never take my husband for granted"! It's easy to lose sight of those closest sometimes, yet people do it all the time. :D Just signed into my blogger account and took a look at my reading list - something I haven't done in awhile.

    1. Cynthia,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm bad about my list, too. ;-) Time does fly by...and it's nice to be surrounded by friends far and near who still share the same experiences. Congrats to you and Ron, too, for hanging in there!

  2. Yes, here is to many more milestones. Happy Birthday to your husband.