Friday, March 8, 2013

SOLC 2013 Day 8: See you in a week!

"See you in a week!"  I must have said that dozens of times today, to students as they left my classroom, colleagues in the hall after the last bell, and parents crossing at my crosswalk this afternoon in the drizzly weather.  

"See you in a week!"  At once a celebration and an encouragement.  

Celebrating a much-needed week off for teachers and students alike.  Encouraging a return to this place of learning.

Celebrating the turning of the seasons.  Encouraging students and parents to see our campus as a welcome home in the community.

Celebrating the idea that we can be apart and come back together seamlessly.  Encouraging each other by affirming vacation and staycation plans.

"See you in a week!"  

Sounds like family, feels like home.  


  1. Wow - the weeks preceding a break to me are always hectic. Wishing you joy and health and rest. I know the breaks help restore my energy and enthusiasm.

    1. Oh, it was hectic! (See my previous post.) But we left on such a good note. Thanks for the well wishes, Storykeeper!