Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Slice: Taking stock

Next Tuesday will find me back among the stacks, hopefully rearranging books, putting up new signage in the Fiction and Everybody sections, and processing the pile of materials I left behind back in June.
Some of the books to return to school
Pile of stuff to take to school

With three weekdays left of summer break (I have professional development on Thursday), I am determined to drown out the woulda-coulda-shoulda voice in my head with there-is-still-time, look-at-what-you-have-done reassurances.

So here's to taking stock of my summer.  I have:

  • worked out 33 times
  •  read over 25 books (and I'm farther ahead on the Bluebonnet nominee list than I was at this time last year!)
  • helped my daughter prepare for her study-abroad semester
  • cooked some really good meals, and planned them through August
  • written 18 blogposts (not counting this one)
  • attended four days of professional development
  • made one book trailer
  • made two quickie flipped lessons
  • become a little more familiar with my district-issued iPad
  • put on a garage sale with my family
  • filled the bird bath almost every day--and enjoyed bird-watching as a result
  • watered my outdoor plants A LOT to try and save them from our TX heat
  • enjoyed afternoon naps
  • participated in a Write Away Day at the Writing Barn with my children, where I finished three book reviews and journaling and worked on some fiction pieces
  • participated in a colleague's Visitors' Day as part of her Central Texas Writing Project Summer Institute
  • met up with friends from two campuses ago, commandeering a table at Panera Bread for over three hours
  • nursed my son back to health after his wisdom teeth extraction surgery
  • spent lots of time with my husband, daughter, and son--the best-spent time this summer.
Just putting this list together makes me feel better!  There are still two or three major tasks that I must absolutely get done before next Monday, but I've already scheduled in a bit of fun with girlfriends on Friday afternoon.

For all you teacher-types out there who are heading back to work this month, I encourage you to make your own list!  I'm guessing you got a lot more accomplished than you give yourself credit for.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I will.

    1. It really made a difference. Here I am sitting at my messy desk, bemoaning the fact that it is still that way, and that I have books left unread, and projects left undone....and the list made me feel much, much better!

  2. Oh my, I need to do this. I look around and see all that I HAVEN'T done and obsess over the time running out. I need to turn it around and take a lesson from you. Although I'm pretty sure my list won't be as long as yours, my pile of stuff to take to school looks similar. :)

    1. I think my undone list is longer than my done list...but the sun is still shining and the grass is still green. Trying not to obsess too much! My hubby will be so happy when all those bags are out of the hallway, ha!

  3. This is such a great list! You accomplished much.

    1. Thanks! I hope you find the same...and that relaxation is on your list, too.