Saturday, August 29, 2015

It is never too late to follow your dream

A friend who's a former colleague popped into the library yesterday with her adorably cute toddler, just to say hello.  She left her position at the end of last year to pursue another degree, one that tugs at her heart for deeply personal reasons.  This was her first week to go back to school as a student again, and we talked about how that went, the changes in her home schedule, the effort it takes to read textbooks as a learner instead of a teacher.

After she left, I commented to a volunteer how proud I was of my friend for following her heart and walking this new path. She was glowing and seemed to be more at peace, traveling this course with purpose and determination.

Last night, I was pondering our visit, and realized there's been a subtle shift in my thinking, too.  I've always been supportive of my friends' efforts to build lives that are true and meaningful.  But I used to do so with a touch of envy, questioning the universe, asking, "When will I figure out what's true for me?  When will I see my path?".

Now I can support my friends from a place of knowing.  Now I can look back and see the path was always there, everything that happened led to the next right thing, experience stacked upon experience building the foundation for the life I'm currently living.

Pursuing my own dream of becoming a librarian, putting some of my needs first to accomplish that goal, has given me insight and appreciation for the struggle.  Instead of looking from afar at others as they work towards achieving their goals, I am standing on my own foundation, reaching down to lend a hand up, even if it's just in empathy.  I can cheer as a coach, someone who's "been there, done that", instead of from the sidelines wishing I could do what they're doing.

Follow your dream.  It is not selfish, and even more fulfilling when you can support others who are doing the same.  

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