Thursday, August 20, 2015

I am fortunate

We had our district librarian job-alike meeting today.  This is one of the two times when librarians from elementary, middle, and high schools meet together; we break off into elementary and secondary for our monthly meetings.

Two years ago, I attended my first library job-alike in a state of awe.  Brand new librarian, I felt like I had been given the secret password into a special club.  I still feel that way.  To be part of a group with such a honed sense of purpose--literacy and lifelong learning and service to our patrons--is inspiring.  This group is quick to share resources and nodding glances when we talk about the hurdles we surmount in getting our tasks done.

We were reminded today about how lucky we are to be working in Round Rock ISD.  There is a certified librarian in every school in our district--high schools have two!--and many of us have at least part-time assistants.  Our jobs are valued not only by our campus colleagues and administration, but by district personnel all the way up to the superintendent, who credits part of his success to his public school library experience. 

Our colleagues know that our job is more than just collection development and circulating books.  We support the curriculum through lessons on reading, writing, technology, and information literacy.  We support creativity through makerspaces and club sponsorships.  We support our community through fundraising and outreach.

We support, and our district supports us in return.

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