Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SOLC 2015 Day 4: Back to borrowing

Introducing kindergarteners to the school library is an ongoing, joyful experience.  Routine beginning-storytime songs are now rote memory, but they are still singing them with gusto in February.  We read We're Going on a Book Hunt by Pat Miller back in August, but we still refer weekly to tiptoe, slippy-slide, and cross-and-hug.

And the term "borrowing".  It takes months, sometimes, to teach the little ones that we borrow books from the library, we don't buy them.  If I had a dime for every conversation I had with a child about the difference between borrowing and buying, I'd have a slew of new cardigans to wear on the job.

Ah, but then Ms. Margocs throws them for a loop, because twice a year, the library turns into a bookstore.  Book fairs are our major fundraiser, the reason we can afford to bring in such wonderful authors to share their talents.  We purchase a lot of books and library supplies with those funds, too.

The library has been filled with excited children and willing parents and grandparents buying books for the last three days.  For many students, our book fairs are their first experience with making an independent purchase, as evidenced by the throwing of money on the counter and walking away with their books as we call out "Wait!  Don't forget your change and receipt!" (I think I'll add money lessons to my library curriculum next year prior to our fairs.)

Our spring book fair closes at noon today.  My wonderful library volunteers will help pack it up, and in two hours, we will be back to normal operating conditions.  Back to borrowing, not buying.  If I had a dime...

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