Monday, March 16, 2015

SOLC 2015 Day 16: One word

I picked my "One Word" for 2015 back in December.  I deliberated over several choices for two or three days, and finally decided to repeat the word I had chosen for 2014, since I really hadn't done it justice.

Strength.  It is now plastered over my desk, bathroom mirror, place at the dining table, front of the refrigerator, on my work computer monitor, and even the top of my alarm clock, so it's the first and last thing I see each day.

I chose it because I need strength in so many different ways to achieve my goals:  
  • Physically strong to maintain good health and be able to perform my job duties in the library.
  • Spiritually strong to center myself and strive to be the best person I can be, even if I'm feeling drained and depressed by my own and other's human faults.
  • Mentally strong to continue learning and teaching.
  • Emotionally strong to set boundaries, and own and freely express my feelings, knowing that in vulnerability, we connect and empower ourselves and others.
The inspiration to write about my one word came at an appropriate time.  At this halfway mark through the Slice of Life Challenge, I'm wondering if I'll have the mental strength to keep writing for another two weeks--without boring my readers!  I seem to be losing my battle with the scale yet again, and it will take strength to eat well and lace on the sneakers instead of making every day a pajama day during spring break.  And since I've designated today as "Cleaning Day", I'll need strength in the form of willpower to plow through clutter and cobwebs.   

Strength--it's what's needed in my life right now, even if I'm just tackling "first world issues," as my college daughter would say.


  1. Stay strong, and keep blogging even if you think it's boring! Best of luck on Cleaning Day. I usually find something else to distract me on that particular day.

    1. Well, I went for a walk, then puttered around a bit before finally heading into my bedroom to deal with piles of clothes. Four hours later, the closet looks a little better, all my dark winter stuff is put away...and the rest of the house is still a mess!