Friday, March 13, 2015

SOLC 2015 Day 13: Where the rubber meets the carpet

The boots felt different as I walked through the house in the morning.  The left one gripped the kitchen linoleum just fine, while the right one felt slippery.  Too busy to investigate the reason, and having no other hiking boots to complete my "Camp Write-a-Lot Presenter" ensemble, I went on to work.

There it was again, that slippery feeling on the sidewalk into the school, down the hallway, into the library.  

And then I saw them.  Black pieces of rubber strewn about on the carpet where I had just walked.  Unable to see the bottoms of my feet, I raised them up for my trusty assistant to take a look.

"You're missing a whole chunk of tread from that boot," she said.  Even got me a mirror to look at it.

The sole was still intact, as was half the tread, so I went about my day...marking my territory every few feet with another piece of black rubber.

By the time I made it to the district Battle of the Bluebonnets at another elementary school, half the bottom of my shoe was missing, and I was leaving black bits throughout the cafeteria as I met my team and helped set up.  One side was completely split from the uppers, but still I carried on with my duties.  I was thankful that it was intact enough for me to walk to my car for the drive home.

I get it--these boots are old (we're talking decades).  I would expect the rubber to desiccate and crumble.  But......why one boot, and not the other?


  1. Why indeed? I thought for sure you were going to write that your dog ate them during the night. This odd disintegration of clothing is the kind of thing which happens to my husband with regularity.

    1. No dog in sight, and these shoes have been sitting in my bedroom in the same place for months. Now deciding if they're worth getting resoled...sigh. If your husband ever figures out why this stuff happens, let me know, please!

  2. hahaha! Your little "breadcrumb trail" of rubber made me laugh. How odd that it only happened to that one shoe! On the upside, now you get to go shoe shopping!

    1. It was comical, Morgan! Not sure I could validate new hiking boots, no camping in my near future, ha!