Monday, March 23, 2015

SOLC 2015 Day 23: Thirteen more days

Thirteen days until Easter.

Thirteen days until I return to Facebook.

Email notices taunt me with tags from friends.

I wonder what my newsfeed will look like?

Should I announce my return with an "I'm BACK! Did you miss me?" post, or just quietly slip back in with a morning musing?

Maybe the former sounds too needy; I should go with the latter.  

Should I even try to catch up, go back over a month's worth of posts?

Maybe I'll just ask everyone to message me with the highlights.

Will I allow it to be a major time-suck again?

Maybe I need to set a timer on the computer...but then the sound needs to be turned on, and the ads disrupt my quiet time when I follow links.

Can I resist the allure of reading post after post, clicking on links, watching videos, playing games?

Maybe I should use it as a reward for exercising and cleaning.

Do I really want to jump back into Facebook after forty days?

Yes!  I really miss connecting with my friends!


  1. I've never gone on a FB diet, I wonder if it would change me. I check it a lot, but don't get that much out of it. Lately Twitter's been my choice of drug--but I feel like it's a better drug since I learn so much when I'm on there.

    1. I have friends and family all over the country and world and FB seems to be the best way we keep up with each other. I also get a lot of work-related info in my feed--professional organization updates, book recommendations, etc. I've gravitated to Twitter in the interim, but it tends to overwhelm me even more than FB can--almost like a cocktail party with too many conversations going on at once!

    2. I should also state that "sharing" is in my nature (I think that's the ultimate reason I became a librarian). I love to share information, uplifting articles, cool science stuff, and great books with folks in my circles. FB lets me do that!

  2. You haven't missed a thing except for a cute book clock for your library!!

    1. Whew! Well that takes a load off my mind, Ms. Sheila! ;-) See you on FB soon.