Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It's Wednesday! What's happening in the Sommer Library?

Catching up from last week...

We had some wild visitors in the library last Monday, courtesy of first grade and The Zoo Guy:

We've been busy learning in the library, too!  Kindergarten and second grade classes have been listening to animal poems in English and Spanish.  Third grade students are learning how to be safe on the internet.  Fourth grade classes are drawing responses to metaphor poems.  Fifth graders are using their visual literacy skills and science vocabulary, studying pictures in nonfiction books and describing them to their classmates in scientific terms.

Our first grade visitor who likes to do independent study projects brought his crystals to the library:

We got more postcards from Ms Margocs' daughter's Japanese students!  They were distributed to some fifth graders who volunteered to be pen pals.  This is the second round of notes the students have exchanged!

April 27th was National Poem in Your Pocket Day, and Ms Margocs stashed pockets of poems all around the school!  We're hoping students shared them with friends and family, and that they were inspired to write some poetry of their own.

As promised, here are some more pictures from Ms Margocs' TLA Conference learning!  She attended sessions on graphic novels, children's literature, and presenting professional development sessions--and had to get a few author signatures, too!  Pictured is Chris Raschka.  There were fireworks for San Antonio's Fiesta celebration right outside our hotel window.  We were also treated to creative writing pieces from Northeast ISD students, and got plenty of books to bring back for our library:

As always, our favorite thing to do in the library is READ!  We've had a great week!

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