Monday, May 15, 2017

It's Monday! What are you reading?

I am personally in a reading slump these days.  This happens when my daily life is filled with non-prose text:  a bazillion emails, insurance paperwork, evaluations, end-of-school-year checklists.

That list means one thing:  summer is coming!  Time to compile my summer reading choices!
  • The 17-18 Bluebonnet Award Nominees will dominate my list, as usual.  I've got one down, nineteen to go!
  • I'm bound and determined to revisit the Harry Potter series.  I'll be happy if I get through the first two or three this summer.
  • Just for fun, I am going to challenge myself to read three picture books a week, on top of the other novels I'm reading.  I've got plenty of unread picture books needing to be reviewed and processed into my library collection!
  • I'm going to finish up three or four books that I've started, and tackle three of the books left unread from last year's summer pile.
That's about fifty books altogether!  Think I'll head to bed and get an early start on that goal tonight.  It's Monday; what are you adding to your summer reading pile?

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