Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It's Wednesday! What's happening in the Sommer Library?

Classes began their regular library visits yesterday!

It was a great day in our Sommer Library!  We hosted classes from almost every grade level; fifteen classes in all.

Third through fifth grades had a quick library orientation lesson using Nearpod on the iPads. Mrs. Margocs was super-impressed with how well they shared equipment; we usually do one-to-one, but had our double classes pair up on the iPads so both groups could start checking out right away!

Our second graders listened to advice from the Shelf Elf on library manners:

The Shelf Elf  by Jackie Mims Hopkins, illustrated by Rebecca McKillip Thornburgh, is the reason we have Golden Shelf Elf Awards at our assemblies!

Our kindergarteners did a FANTASTIC job using their library manners yesterday!  We read Mrs. Margocs' favorite beginning-of-the-school-year-book, We're Going on a Book Hunt by Pat Miller, illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott:

The students practiced using their shelf markers, and then chose and checked out their first books from our library!

Here's our book menu for the next couple of weeks:

We also have a new furniture addition this year--a recliner!

After reading this article about meditation for teachers, I'm thinking of calling this spot "The Seat of Mindfulness"; what do you think?

We'll be seeing another sixteen classes today!  We're off to a busy start in the Sommer Library.

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