Saturday, March 12, 2016

Yes, your librarian has purple hair

This person is a librarian.

She is an educator who shares her love of literacy with her learning community every day.

Now she is sharing her love of life by sporting purple hair. 

Beyond her passion and job description, she is a woman who just turned fifty, inspired by Jenny Joseph's poem "Warning".

The poem begins with the line "When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple".  It goes on to describe such wild shenanigans as spending money on luxuries, picking flowers from private gardens, and learning how to spit.

This librarian will not be ruining other's pretty flower patches or spending her retirement money any time soon.  And there will be no spitting in the library.

But there will be purple hair for a few weeks, because this librarian is grateful to be alive and well at this halfway-to-one-hundred-milestone.  Because her own mother was bedridden and dying from ALS at this same age.  Because the next year will be fraught with sad memories, and joy must be created and grabbed at and held tightly, whenever and wherever possible.  

And purple hair brings this librarian joy.  Let her share it with you, in the library and beyond.


  1. Love the hair! Such a pretty color of purple. Happy 50 years of life!

    1. Thanks, Crystal! It is a fun way to celebrate. Maybe when I'm completely silver,I'll do it again. :-)

  2. powerful post. love your way of celebrating!

    1. Thanks, Sonja! The new 'do seemed to go over well at work. :-) Too messy of an upkeep, though; will let it fade away.