Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Not much has changed since my last Monday post; I just started Trapped in Death Cave by Bill Wallace for one of my fifth grade Book Lunch Bunch choices.  It's a fun mystery story with an interesting setting and characters.

The kindergarteners have been studying motion and energy in class, so my Book Nook read-aloud last week was Motion:  Push and Pull, Fast and Slow by Darlene R. Stille, illustrated by Sheree Boyd.  It's an easy read with bright, simple pictures and just the right amount of science vocabulary to cover in a fifteen minute story time--motion, force, inertia, gravity, acceleration, speed, and direction (straight and curving) are included.

On a professional note, I am making my way through Simon Sinek's Leaders Eat Last:  Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't.  I started it last summer, but I keep getting interrupted by other reading priorities.  I've purchased the Kindle version, and I find myself highlighting at least one passage every three or four pages.  I'll be going back to read the highlights when I'm done.

My goal this month is to establish a one-hour-a-day reading habit.  I'm a feast-or-famine type reader, so this will be a stretch. I'm usually eye-weary after a day in the stacks and at the computer, and tend to nod off over an open book if it's too close to my bedtime!

Happy reading!

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