Monday, September 21, 2015

It's Monday! What are you reading?


My #IMWAYR posts have been few and far between these past weeks, because, as usual, I am reading less outside of school hours than during my Book Nook time.  Unless you count Facebook posts, blogs, and online articles, because I read a LOT of those.

But I decided last week that I need to be reading something just for me, not work-related or from the children's section.  So I started Colonel Chris Hadfield's An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything .  

Okay, so it still has "taught" in the title...but it's not a book about the educational system.

I follow Colonel Hadfield on Facebook, and thoroughly enjoyed his posts from the International Space Station with gorgeous photos and witty insights.  I'm looking forward to reading his thoughts in full in his book.

In the Book Nook, we've been reading Dog Days of School by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Brian Biggs, about a boy who wishes he lived his dog's life so he wouldn't have to go to school.  It's been interesting listening to the students debate whether the switch really occurs, or whether it's just a dream.

We've also read Flight School by Lita Judge.  Penguin really wants to learn to fly, but can Teacher and Flamingo help him accomplish his dream?  My students totally rocked at discerning the moral of this "if at first you don't succeed" story.  

The picture book that has my kindergarteners through second graders laughing and talking about the needs of students and teachers alike--especially when it comes to classroom behavior--is My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown.  I love stopping the story when Bobby runs into his teacher in the park, to talk about the reasons teachers may go to the park on the weekends.  Even the youngest children can acknowledge that teachers need downtime, too!

It's great to be back in the Book Nook sharing books with children.  What are you reading to your students these days?

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