Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Slice: It's been two years already?

Things I've learned after two years of librarianship:
  • There is never a dull day in the library.
  • You will say "Use your shelf marker!" at least thirty times a day in an elementary library.
  • Children's excitement over finding just the right book never gets old.
  • Students who challenge me with finding their next book to read make me a better librarian.
  • A few crumbs in the library are worth hearing boys argue talk about books.
  • There are people in the world who enjoy shelving Dewey nonfiction elementary books.  No, really, they do, and I am grateful for them!
  • There is never a budget big enough for the books I want to purchase for our library.
  • A good library assistant, and a good sub, are your best assets.
  • Teachers who support regular library visits and lessons are your next best assets.
  • Administrators and PTA folks who support your library make this a dream job. 
  • Chocolate at the circulation desk--does that need explaining?
  • Fellow librarians are quick to share tips, bookfair decorations, and lessons.
  • This is the job I want to retire from, say, in twenty years or so, or when they drag me from the story pit, prying an Oliver Jeffers picture book from my arthritic hands.  Until then, I'm stuck!


  1. I love Oliver Jeffers. I think it's amazing that we have jobs that are a part of who we are instead of jobs we have to do to get to the weekend. xo

    1. It really does make the difference, doesn't it, Kimberley? It just took me awhile to get here. :-)

  2. Love the bit about the crumbs! So worth it. :)

    I'd read the phone book if Oliver Jeffers wrote it.

    1. Omigosh, after hearing him speak at the TLA Bluebonnet Luncheon last month here in Austin, me, too, Dana! Oh, but he'd have to read it aloud, too. Dreamy accent!

  3. I love that last one...it's how I feel about my classroom, too.

    1. Tara, it is good to "work to your passion"! I bet your students see that enthusiasm each and every day in your class.