Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The hiring squad

It's interview season in public education circles.  A month ago, many teachers were asked by administrators to state their intentions of returning for the next school year.  Contracts are being distributed, job listings are being posted, interview committees are being formed and meeting with prospective employees.

It seems like yesterday that I was the one scanning the job listings. I graduated with my master's degree in library science in May 2012, but it took me a year and seven interviews before I landed this fabulous job (no, I'm not being sarcastic--just read my previous blogposts to see how much fun we have in the library!).

While interview committees are in the driver's seat, interviewees are also gathering information.  There's a lot of talk about school culture and climate these days, and often the job applicant's first impressions of a school are at the interview table.

I really, really, really wanted to be a librarian, and entered into each interview hoping it would be "the one".  I distinctly remember walking away from some interviews thinking "Wow, I really want to work for these folks!"  I also remember leaving interviews thinking "I have no idea how that went, guess I should be booking the next one."  Usually, the former types were followed up by equally fabulous, encouraging phone calls from the administrator.  Even rejections can reflect school climate.

So in this hiring season, I ask those of you on interview committees:  What impression are you leaving on your applicants?  How does it reflect your school climate and culture?  

Will your interviewees walk away thinking "Wow!  I really want to work with them!  Hope I get the job!"?

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