Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pangs of disconnection

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I have decided to "go dark" on Facebook for Lent.  Not so much as a sacrifice, but for using the time to do more of what I'm missing these days--time to meditate, pray, read, write, crochet, plan, and connect with folks beyond sharing inspirational quotes and pithy comments.

This is difficult, because Facebook is more than just a virtual coffeehouse chat site to me.  It's the place I get my weather updates, news, links to websites and blogs that I like to follow, and professional learning from colleagues, professors, and library/literacy organizations. On any given morning or afternoon, I could be commenting on friends' posts from Denver or Saudi Arabia, reading about a new book promotion idea, and checking on the five day forecast.  I follow blogs on physical and mental health, keep in touch with my fellow military BRATs, and see pictures of how my brother's landscaping is coming along.  

And yes, there is the playing of Bejeweled Blitz.

Lots of cool stuff to be found on Facebook, lots of ways to learn and be connected.  Lots of minutes flying by as I stared at the screen and neglected other needs of my inner and outer life.

Let's hope that within the next forty days, I'm able to figure out how to balance my online community with my within-reach circle.  There will be more emails, handwritten notes, and phone calls, to be sure.  Because Facebook is not the only way to stay connected.  My friends and family deserve more face-time.  My home deserves more care.  My spirit needs a different way to be filled, if only for this space between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

Let the journey begin.

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