Monday, February 2, 2015

Geeking out over the ALA Youth Media Awards

(Picture from ALA Youth Media Awards Facebook page.)
I had fully planned on turning on the American Library Association's webcast of its Youth Media Awards ceremony this morning.  I had even Boomeranged the email with the details to the top of my inbox at work.  

But then library life got in the way.  The broadcast script had to be updated before airing this morning, there was a story to read to first grade, then a research resources lesson for third, a geology presentation for the entire first grade in the presentation get the picture. 

So I had to settle for downloading the official press release of the award winners.  After geeking out on my own as I read over them, I forwarded the pdf copy on to my staff and fellow librarians, so we could all geek out together.  (I have some major book-lovers among my staff, a fact that makes my job even more amazingly fun!)

I am only familiar with a handful of the books written for my elementary kiddos, but I plan on getting really familiar with all of them, beginning with adding those we're missing to my growing shopping list for the library.  

Caldecott, Newbery, Belpre, Coretta Scott King, Schneider, Batchelder, Sibert, Geisel...they will all make their way into my online cart.  Diversity, engaging topics, fiction, nonfiction, beautiful words and beautiful illustrations--what more could I ask for? Sharing books like these is a dream come true for this educator-become-librarian.

ALA Press Release:

Description of the awards:

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