Monday, June 23, 2014

One week into summer break

At the last school assembly of the year, I performed a short skit on what I do as a librarian during summer break.  Using props, I talked about sleeping, exercising, listening to music, cooking, swimming, and of course, reading.

So if any members of my learning community are reading this, here's what I've accomplished since the students left the building:

  • Exercised for ten straight days, and participated in a 5K
  • Turned up the tunes on the home stereo on several occasions, and practiced my singing with the car radio
  • Soaked in the pool half a dozen times
  • Slept at least six hours EVERY night!  Whoohoo!
  • Planned meal menus through August, cooked and baked a few times
  • Planned our family vacation and my daughter's September birthday event
  • Attempted to clean my desk and will be a summer-long project
  • Reading!  I've read four Bluebonnet books, and I'm working on the fifth one.  I've also read two books from my grown-up reading list, working on the third, and I'm dabbling in some professional reading at the same time.  
I gave myself a week "off" without worrying too much about library-related tasks and major home projects, but as of today, I'm hitting the to-do list with a bit more focus and effort.  The picture is a small start--finally got around to framing a tea towel from the Bodleian Library to display at school.

Reports on books to follow soon...after I tackle the remaining piles on my desk, in my bedroom, on the coffee table....


  1. Wow - that's an impressive list. Glad to hear you gave yourself a week off, though! Happy summertime to you!

    1. Thanks, Crystal! Happy summertime to you, too! I'm really hitting the books this week, going to start planning for next school year and purging home clutter--both will make me happy!