Thursday, June 5, 2014

Getting into the groove

The school was eerily quieter today, minus the sounds of even the teachers.  They finished their work calendars yesterday, unlike the skeleton support crew of office and library and custodial employees who get paid the big bucks to come in earlier and stay later on the calendar.

My tech support roommate deserted me midday for a meeting, so I was left to my own devices for lunch and beyond.  One of our wonderful paraprofessionals, filling in the last few hours of her obligations, came in to help cover the remaining computers with trash bags and pick up the professional books left after the last staff meeting.  We chatted a bit as I ate my to-go lunch and searched for data to include on a mandatory report, and then she left to go clock out.

It's the duties of these days, the ones before and after school, that really define the library as a program.  Taking inventory of the collection; writing reports on library usage, collaborative efforts, supporting lessons.  Tabulating funds and turning them in; placing orders for magazines and budgeting donations.  Talking about survey results, changes to be made, projects to get done, planning to meet the needs of the learning community of students, teachers, and parents.  Worrying about how to fit all those needs into this one space and limited time.

The library is a classroom, but it is so much more.  And I've only just begun to learn to manage it all.  In one of my professional development classes, it was said that it takes a librarian three years to really settle into the groove of a library program.  I'm enjoying the dance, and look forward to many more years to "get my boogie down" among the stacks!

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