Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello, again! How are things going?

Just so you know, I was shocked, too, by the date on my last post.  May 3rd--what?  I could have sworn I had posted something since then!

Well, I had--on my professional blog.  And it was pretty big news, too--I got a job as a librarian!  You can read the details and my first feelings about it there.  I'm still getting used to the idea that I am now a librarian; my son is helping by reminding me at least once a week, usually couched in a witty comment (he's getting good at those, being fifteen and all).

So, what else have I been doing besides getting a new job?  Well, since the last post, I have:

  • wrapped up another year of teaching, 
  • moved my daughter back from college for the summer, 
  • told everyone I knew that I get to be in a library next year,
  • visited with the outgoing librarian,
  • spent face-to-face time with friends,
  • spent a lot of time on Facebook catching up with old friends,
  • spent a lot of time on Facebook playing Candy Crush (omigosh, it's addictive!),
  • read a LOT of other people's blogs, and commented on them,
  • taken a lot of naps on the couch,
  • totally rearranged my craft room shelves, and organized/ purged a lot of supplies,
  • crocheted a bit,
  • gone swimming in my neighbor's pool and walked along the hike-n-bike,
  • gone to two workshops already,
  • shuttled teenboy back and forth to appointments and horn lessons,
  • been READING BOOKS!!
Yes, I have been allowing myself to slip into book comas here and there this summer.  I spent an entire day reading Gone Girl (a grown-up bestseller), picked up a couple picture books from the library including 

 Ten Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break if You Want to Survive the School Busa Bluebonnet Book by John Grandits, and old fantasy from Ursula K. LeGuin, A Wizard of Earthsea.

I've read more than half a dozen books since June 1st, motivated by a group I formed on Facebook of like-minded friends who wanted to read more this summer and share reading experiences, too. We've posted intended reading lists, changed them based on each other's reviews and abandonment of books that just don't fit, and talked about our reading styles (I tend to skip around sometimes!).

Have I gone into a book coma every day? Heavens, no! Otherwise, all those other bulleted items in my list above wouldn't have gotten done. But I am reading at least an hour a day, which is more than I could manage most of the school year (though I'm anticipating reading a LOT more as a librarian!).

Any reading is good reading, in my opinion. So even if you have fifteen minutes waiting on your music lesson, or can't quite seem to fall asleep when you hit the pillow, or you need an excuse to avoid doing another load of laundry--grab that book, and READ! Oh, and have fun doing it, IS summertime, after all!


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