Friday, July 13, 2012

Fairy tale time!

The Grimm LegacyJust for fun, I joined in on SHSU's Library Science Goodreads bookclub selection this month, The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman.  I found it to be a fun, "light" read--you know, the kind you can put down at the end of Chapter Three on Monday, then pick up again on Thursday and not be too lost going into Chapter Four.  The story centers on a high school girl who is living with her father and stepmother (fairy tale detail number one), writes a report on The Brothers Grimm for her history class (detail number two) because she and her now-deceased mother read fairy tales together (number three), and gets asked by said history teacher if she wants a job at the "New-York Circulating Material Repository", where they just happen to store "The Grimm Collection" (bingo!).  Without giving too much away, there is history, magic, romance (though not too much to gross out younger readers), and intrigue. Definitely a fun summer choice for readers from fourth grade on up!  It might even spur some interest in reading traditional fairy tales; there were a few mentioned in the book with which I was unfamiliar, and may have to add to my reading pile!  I read this one on my Nook, but with the library connections, it may have to be added to my print collection for sentimental purposes.  
What else is being read in the Margocs household?  My college-bound daughter satisfied her Stephen King penchant by checking out Misery from the library, and my eighth-grade son is making his way through video game magazines like Nintendo Power.  (He gets his magazine reading habit from his mom!)  And a trip to Salado yielded yet another small-town organization cookbook (see post from June 4th to read about my cookbook collection).  And while I do still have the Mount Everest of books waiting to be read, I think I'll give my eyes a break and indulge another favorite hobby--crocheting--for the rest of today.  The books will be waiting for me at bedtime! 

Happy reading!  

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